A highly ignored side of Infinity War [Spoiler Alert]

Infinity war is here…Yay!!! So it’s all been leading to this. 10 years….phew. What a showdown it was between Earth’s mightiest heroes aka Avengers and The Mad Titan aka Thanos. I am not here to review this movie or tell you the easter eggs in the movie. You probably have read hundreds of articles and watched all those videos decoding the movie. I am here to share the other side of the story. Before you move any further….. Spoiler Alert.

The Star-Lord Mess up


Yeah yeah… I get it…If you get chance to be Peter… be Parker not Quill. Everyone lost shit when Star-Lord messed it up. Avengers and Guardians almost had The Infinity Gauntlet removed from Thanos’ hand. But Peter couldn’t control his anger as Thanos just killed love of his life. He messed it up. He punched Thanos in the face, making Mantis move her hands from Thanos’ head. and poof Thanos regained consciousness and beat the hell of out of everyone. Just like that. And rest you know…..


Suddenly one of the most loved characters became one of the most hated characters ever. People got pissed off at Star-Lord. He became King Joffrey of MCU.

What are we ignoring/missing

In all this hate game….what are we missing??? All of us thought that if Star-Lord had just a little patience, Avengers would have defeated Thanos easily or even better Peter could have taken his revenge easily. Is it that simple?

Think about it. Doctor Strange earlier in the movie saw 14 million possibilities of how it could end. In those 14 million possibilities, he said they won single possibility. So definitely they went with one which they won. All other possibilities failed. One of them could be The Avengers and The Guardians removing Gauntlet. Even if they had removed it, as per Doctor Strange they had failed anyway. So Doctor knew all this time that Peter would mess it up and yet he didn’t try to stop him. Simply Because he knew it won’t matter. So all of us lets just cut Star-Lord some slack.

The Missing piece

Last thing… Doctor earlier in the movie makes it clear that if it comes to saving Tony and stone, he wouldn’t hesitate to save the stone. After all, he is(was) sworn protector of the Time Stone. But do not worry fellas, he also tells Tony, “We are in the endgame now”. That means Tony is missing piece of this puzzle. Before disappearing in the dust Doctor says, “Tony, there was no other way.” So this was the only possibility which they are going to win…Yay.

So the bottom line is…Let Star-Lord be our favorite character in MCU so that we could listen to his awesome Soundtracks.


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