Connecting Dots In MCU ‘with less Hulk’ [Spoilers For Infinity War]

It’s here! Breaking all the Box Office records and making whopping $1.7 billion. Yes, I am talking about Avengers: Infinity war which scored 8.8 on IMDB and 84% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. It just became a 5th highest grossing movie of all time. So let’s talk about it and how some things are connected to rest of the MCU. Again, if you haven’t watched the movie yet, what the hell are you doing in your life. Go watch it and then read this. [SPOILER ALERT]

We have Hulk, don’t we?


It was one of the most epic showdowns in the entire MCU. Loki saying the legendary line from Avengers(2012), “We have the hulk”. And the big green guy going full ‘Hulk Mode’ on the big purple guy. This was the last time we see Hulk in the Infinity war. Later in the movie, we see Hulk having ‘performance issue’. I mean seriously, everyone could have had little help with ‘Hulk Smash!’ It was such relief watching The Mad Titan getting beaten up by The Hulk…until it wasn’t. Hulk almost dies, thanks to Heimdall. But who are we kidding, who needs the Hulk who is just not the Hulk? So what happened, why Dr. Banner couldn’t get the Hulk out. We are confused here last time we saw the Hulk in Ragnarok, we saw more of the hulk and less of the banner. And he didn’t want to be Banner again. And Ragnarok we get to that he has been Hulk for 2 years.


Thor: Ragnarok


So what happened in Infinity War?

Looking into the past

In Infinity war, one can easily get to the conclusion that the Hulk didn’t come out because of the beatdown he got from Thanos. And that makes sense too. But that doesn’t sound like him. The fact that he is always angry and can become Hulk any time rules out this. I mean yeah the beating was pretty embarrassing for the Hulk. But I think it’s something deeper than that.

In Thor: Ragnarok, Hulk & Thor have their chat after the gladiator style match. During their chat, Thor promises hulk, he will help Hulk get back to the Earth if he helps him to prevent the Ragnarok. However, Hulk says, he doesn’t want to get back on earth because :

Thor: Ragnarok 

Why would the Hulk think that the earth hates him????


Yes, I mean it. Hulk is a victim of some witchcraft. Let’s go back in Age Of Ultron. Tony and gang confront Ultron when he was trying to recover some Vibranium from a ship. When the Avengers get a little upper hand on Ultron’s minions, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, Ultron orders Scarlet Witch to play ‘mind’ games. You remember, Scarlet Witch got her powers from The Mind Stone, right? So she uses her power to show the Avengers to show something, except for Hawkeye. See, Hawkeye should have been in Infinity war, he is useful. Point is, she shows each of the Avenger their deepest, darkest fears. Everyone gets distracted. And Scarlet witch gets her hand the big one. She gets in Banner’s head. In this scene, we get to see what Captain, Thor, and Black Widow’s greatest fear is. But we never get to see what she showed Banner.

Tony Age Of Ultron
Avengers: Age Of Ultron

So what did she show Banner? I think she must have shown Banner his past. How his father performed experiments on him and how he used him. Also, how the Hulk is more of a monster than a hero. She showed Banner how his anger has killed more people than saving. How he is just a stupid destructive monster who just smashes things. The damage to Banner was so big that Tony had to use Hulkbuster Armor to control Hulk. After the fight is over, Banner sees what mess he had made around him.

Later in the movie, in Sokovia, Banner goes to save Natasha. When Natasha asks him, what is their play? Upon asking this, Banner says, he can’t be in a fight near civilians.  He was obviously afraid that he might hurt people around him. When Natasha asks him to turn green, he says:


Avengers: Age Of Ultron

So I think, whatever Scarlet Witch showed him, made him afraid to be the Hulk. After Natasha, literally, pushes Banner over the edge, the Hulk comes out. Only to take Quinjet and go away from people so he wouldn’t hurt anyone in end. As mentioned in Thor: Ragnarok, he remains Hulk for 2 years. Maybe that’s why here he says, Earth hates him. And in Sakaar, he was getting all glory being the Hulk. Plus, he was being cheered for hurting people.

So when Banner visits earth again in Avengers: Infinity war, he couldn’t turn green again. All those past memories might have rushed into his brain. We really hope we see more Hulk in Avengers 4 rather than Dr. Banner struggling to Hulkbuster Armor. Comment below your thoughts.



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